Fresh Wave IAQ Air and Surface Liquid Refill 10 Litres

Fresh Wave IAQ Air and Surface Liquid Refill 10 Litres


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Fresh Wave® IAQ Air & Surface Spray is made with a unique blend of natural essential oils that is biodegradable and effectively eliminates all odours without leaving behind any other fragrance. Only the pleasant smell of fresh air remains.

Fresh Wave® IAQ Air and Surface Spray is effective for use in rapid & targeted odour control as it instantly bonds to and eliminates odour molecules in the air and those that have penetrated and/or are resting on surfaces.

The Fresh Wave® IAQ Odour Eliminators range is made with natural, non-toxic and biodegradable active ingredients. This makes Fresh Wave® IAQ products safe to use around people and animals. Fresh Wave® IAQ is natural with no alcohol and with no aerosols.

  • Features
  • Immediate, targeted organic and inorganic malodour elimination including food, body fluids, chemicals, mould, smoke, animals, trash, paints and much more.
  • Safe to use in the air, on carpet upholstery and other surfaces.
  • Least concentrated liquid.
  • Can smell plant oils right away, but will dissipate within 10 seconds.
  • Can be used on anything that’s water-safe!
  • Can be added to mop buckets to eliminate odour on floors, especially bathrooms.
  • Can be sprayed on a cloth to wipe down surfaces where product might leave spots if sprayed (like leather – car, chairs, etc.).
  • Will not leave a residue. Some other products on the market leave oily residue on the floor, making it slippery.
  • Spray on draperies, furniture, and linens that have absorbed odour in rooms.

  • Capacity: 10 Litres
  • Quantity: 1





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