Find Door-Cals Six Panelled Style


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Dementia is a condition which causes a gradual loss of brain function. Dementia symptoms include memory loss and confusion, communication problems (speech and understanding), lack of ability to reason and make sense of your environment, personality and behavioural changes, reliance on others for the activities of daily living.

These Find Dementia care products are designed to improve the Dementia care environment and help reduce incontinence by 50%, reduce violence and aggression by 60% and reduce slips, trips and falls by 70%.

The Dementia product range also benefits care home by improved staff morale as role becomes less task orientated, positive impact on staff attrition levels and attendance and cost savings from reduced waste collections for food and continence products.

Featureless corridors can be both daunting and dull for a person with dementia.
A lack of landmarks, inadequate lighting and doors which all look the same can be a source of great anxiety and stress. Door-cals, signage, appropriate pictures, Memory Boxes and improved lighting can all contribute significantly to how a person with dementia encounters, understands and negotiates their environment.

Door Enhancements are designed to enhance the environment with meaningful and distinctive symbols using colour and pictures to create themes and schemes full of reassuring landmarks.

All Find door enhancement products are easily and quickly installed with the minimum of mess and disruption.

Door Cals are a self-Adhesive, waterproof, chemical resistant, laminated, fire-rated, hard wearing colour print which can be applied to a flat door. This creates the appearance of a brand new panelled door to someones home.
Door-Cals are designed to be applied to fire doors, all the materials used to produce the Door-Cal are rated as Class 0 or equivalent.

When choosing the colour for your Door-Cal an important element is for the finished door to contrast attractively with the surrounding walls and door frames.

We recommend you give consideration to the colour, quality and level of your lighting as this is frequently inadequate. Good lighting is essential in all areas of the home and we can provide hi-tech, low-energy consumption solutions which will perform brilliantly in any care setting.

  • Height: 211.5cm
  • Length: 98cm
  • Style: Six Panelled
  • Quantity: 1

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